Cracked Black Pepper Pasta

I have literally just finished my last mouthful and run for my camera memory card, uploaded my piccies and started this blog post. That’s how good I thought tonight’s dinner was – I had to share it with y’all right now!

Having iPlayered Lorraine Pascale’s new TV series and been captivated by her cracked black pepper homemade pasta I knew I had to make it myself – I am a total black pepper addict, love, love, love it! So, I threw it on my iPad and got a-making.

The recipe (at the end of this post) makes enough for two hungry people for tea. And me and the Hungry Hubby are hungry people! After the pasta has had a little rest in the fridge, roll it through your pasta machine until you can start to see your hand through the pasta sheet, as Lorraine instructed however, I got down to setting 6 on mine, freaked out and stopped – it was so gossamer fine I was scared it would break! Do watch the video in the link above of Lorraine making this dish so you can see what you’re aiming for. Now here comes the very funky, inventive bit (Lorraine is totally awesome at finding DIY solutions to not having the exact right tools to hand…) – you hang your pasta up to dry on a hanger!!!


OK, Lorraine’s were all the same length but she is a TV star, I’m just a wee home cook so I’m allowed to do “rustic” lol! It won’t affect the flavour bloggees…

Cue the gratuitous close up!

Now, here’s where I really started to deviate (apart from halving the pasta recipe) – I wanted a mushroom sauce which was less about the cream and more about other flavours. Notably, smoked pancetta pieces, normal white and baby chestnut mushrooms, marsala wine, a splosh of cream and a carpet of parsley. Oh! And lest I forget the shaved parmesan!

Italians are more about the pasta than about the sauce and those classy lassies know their pasta

However, I’m a British lass and a northern one at that – and we like carbs with our carbs – i.e. a wedge or two of rosemary, garlic and sea salt focaccia with our pasta!

Sorry Cucina, Lu and NY - I gotta have me some garlic bread with my pasta lol 😀

You may be wondering what such a special dinner is in aid of on a Tuesday night? Well, it is the final of the Great British Bake Off tonight and what more excuse does Jo Blogs need to pull out all the stops but the last in the series of my current favourite TV show! Mary-Anne or Holly to win – I cannae decide which I like more! So y’all have to wait until tomorrow for my sauce recipe as I just have to see how this one pans (ho ho ho!) out!!! I will update the blog when I’ve finished squealing with delight at what the girls bake for one last time!

Mwah XXX

Ok, I’ve finished squealing! Am gutted that Mary Anne didn’t win really, she was so inventive and pushed the boundaries of baking at every turn, I feel very inspired by her in actual fact… So if, like me, your favourite didn’t win – console yourself with a bowlful of loveliness in the form of homemade pasta and mushroom, Marsala and pancetta sauce – yummy, yummy in this girl’s tummy!

Fresh Cracked Black Pepper Pasta with Mushroom Marsala Pancetta Sauce Recipe

14 thoughts on “Cracked Black Pepper Pasta

  1. Wozzer that looks fantastic!!! Jo, my marriage made in heaven…. well mushies and Marsala and on top of that pasta fantastic…. cant wait for the next installment…. got some 00 flour in my ocardo order today…….off to dust the pasta maker down xx


    • Well wonder if you have the same fancy farina as me as I got mine from Ocado! It comes up beautifully yellow :D. And if you like Mushies and Marsala, you’ll lurve my Marsala mushroom lasagne – I posted the recipe on TTOD and I have an album for it on Facebook if you want to take a peak. Might have to do a re-issue on here though … 😉


  2. Oh my gosh, black pepper IN the pasta??? That sounds delicious!!! And the pancetta and mushroom sauce … drooling even though I just finished my (very late) dinner! Can’t wait for the next instalment!


    • I know! What an inspired idea hey?! Of course, it came from The Pascale not my subconscious or anything lol. It really does brung something to pasta – I’m a spice junkie and me loves me pepper (spoken in my best Cookie Monster voice :D!)


      • I would love to try this pasta recipe. I’ve only used my KitchenAid pasta attachment once but would like get into pasta making more often. This recipe is truly inspirational!

        P.S. Love the use of the coathanger – I would never have thought of that!


        • Cucina tells me fresh pasta is a celebratory dish, not an everyday one, in Italy. But trouble is, once you try it, its so easy to make and tastes so much more wonderful than dried stuff that it’s hard not to sneak it into midweek meals!

          Again, Lorraine P came up with the genius of using a coat hanger – she’s one awesome independent woman 🙂


  3. You know the trouble with TV cookery programmes ? They keep tempting me to break my frugal habits of a lifetime. Now, just from reading your blog post (I haven’t even seen the programme) I’m thinking I NEED a pasta machine. And I don’t… I sooo don’t…


  4. Jo had so much fun reading that! This is a great find……indeed……
    hey btw, how did the scarpetta go? 😉


    • LOL Terri, I scarpetta’d it up right nicely! So wish I had the time to have homemade pasta more often, it’s such a joy – the simpler the sauce to go with, the better in my book too 🙂


  5. Thanks Mrs, will make this real soon, with my Farchioni “00” organic white pasta flour, now must look for the yellow stuff!!


    • I think having really good quality eggies goes a long way to making the glorious yellow colour Shaz, so fear not – you’re organic white stuff will more than do 😉


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