A Swirly Twirly Raspberry Ripple Cake!

In my last post, I promised you a storm of calories and boy, does this deceptively innocent pink and white veiled yet wanton-within behemoth of a cake deliver that! All in the name of providing a cake for my lovely friend of the coconut chocolate cake fame Annette a cake for her Jubilee party this week. So here I present you the first celebration of the summer, courtesy of a completely wonderful recipe by Edd Kimber, The Boy Who Bakes. I hope you’ve been eating light and doing an extra couple of miles in your daily run as boy, I do not except responsibility for any increase in body mass upon reading this post! In fact, read on at your own risk ;)


That would be the money shot, that would, right there ^^^. Just look at soft pink, white then glassy almost rubied red raspberry jam ripples whirling around in a dreamy swirl of a cake. For those of you whom love raspberry ripple ice cream, this is the cake of your dreams. It begins with ethereal, feather light sponges which possess the finest, gossamer crisp sugar crust beneath which lurks a moist sponge of which home bakers dream.


As for the filling and the frosting (this is where things will get nawty, no calories were spared in the making of this cake!) one begins with melting white chocolate and cooking a caramel. If you’re less renegade than me, you won’t attempt doing them simultaneously ;)


Next comes the white chocolate Italian meringue buttercream – i.e. a frosting you make by pouring scorching hot syrup (or in this case a caramel really) onto whisked egg whites before whipping in lots of butter and folding in white choc or raspberry jam. For those of you whom have not ventured into the territory of MBCs before, please do give it a go! I find them very forgiving and all they need is the ability to hold your nerve and carry on high speed whisking until the desired lusciously thick, soft, velvety and rich whipped cream-like substance materialises in your stand mixer bowl. Now I may have gotten lucky but this frosting was extremely well behaved and came together in the blink of an eye. My only alteration was to reduce the quantities of the ingredients in the frosting recipe to suit what I had left plus my gut told me the original was too much. My gut was right – I still had a good couple of heaped tablespoons of this frosting left after frosting the cake generously :)


We then layer up cake, jam, frosting ad infinitum until you have a triple decker collossal before you. The coating of the cake is much facilitated by the possession of a turn table and a large flat bladed spatula so you can whirl and twirl until the swirl you desire is achieved. The less “finished” the better with this cake (as with all home made ones methinks!) as you want to preserve the ripple effect, not swipe it away in an effort to give a tidy finish!


Don’t you just want to run your finger through that frosting whilst no one is looking? I think I deserve a medal for not doing so!


From my wee kitchen breakfast bar to Annette’s fabulous home, decked out to the max in the Jubilee theme (she really should have been a party planner!) – here is the Raspberry Ripple cake in its resplendent glory. Perhaps I should employ Annette to construct all my blog photograph backgrounds from now on? ;)


And the second medal on my lapel should be for this, this teeny tiny slither of cake I am nestling on my knee and if you look very closely, you’ll see the tip of Hungry Hubby’s trainer – as I shared this piece with him! Oh yes, I am taking my weight loss quest very, very seriously ;)

So pull on your fat pants and treat yourself! Get the recipe here – Raspberry Ripple Cake

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31 thoughts on “A Swirly Twirly Raspberry Ripple Cake!

  1. WOWzers!!! WHAT A WHOPPER!!! You are such a tease Jodie, you totally titiilate with all the cake-calorie-cream talk and then come over all virtuous with that non-existent sliver, shared no less. I would never have your resolve, well done. :-))

    As for the cake – I need a moment….sigh.


  2. This is so beautifullll! It would be super awesome with fresh raspberries in the layers. So you do Italian buttercreams? I think I’ll try Swiss first before attempting this. I’m such a pansy.


    • Thanks Ellen – just give it a whirl, they are easy peasy yes indeedy! I can just imagine how bootiful you would make it look too :D

      And yes – fresh raspberries would be wonderful indeed but I might squish them a bit as this was a super tall cake as it was!


    • Sure Liz but you’ve got to try these meringue buttercreams, be them Swiss or Italian – there are a texture like nothing else and so adaptable to your needs. They freeze well too – perhaps you should make some to celebrate your new house ;)


  3. OMG Jo. This cake is so gorgeous! I admire your willpower, if it was me I would have wanted to plant my face in the bowl of Italian Meringue Buttercream! Now I’m torn between making this or the grasshopper cake for my Birthday next week…xx


  4. Oh, Jodie, that’s magnificent. I saw this in a magazine I think, and yours looks every bit as good. Far too terrifying for me to attempt! Although I did buy a sugar thermometer recently, just so I could attempt Swiss or Italian Meringue Buttercream..


    • Thank you Mandy – is it wrong to admit I thought mine looked a doppelgänger for the book one? Ok, a slightly rougher around the edges version but not bad at all! I think that’s the mark of a great recipe – one that a home baker can reproduce to the same standard as in the book :D

      P.s. this was my first proper outing of the sugar thermometer too – be brave and give it a go!


  5. Hi Jo, well I tried this, first attempt with anything involving a sugar thermometer – did not go well! Not sure what happened but was left with a gloop of a mess to try and spread on and around the cake :-( very sad as the sponge looked so good! Not tried it yet think it is a #fail!


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