Huh, Didn’t You Already Blog This Cake?

This is going to be a short post as, you will see, I’ve already blogged this cake. Well, a primitive form of it, I like to think ;). It is none other than the Best Ever Chocolate Pound Cake of my very first blog post, plus my newly created recipe for chocolate Italian meringue buttercream.


When my friend San (of the baby shower ducky cupcake fame!) asked me to make her hubby a cake for his 40th birthday tomorrow with the only instructions being “it must be chocolate, just chocolate” I knew which cake recipe I had to make! The rest of it was some what of a surprise to me as it is to everyone else – I just daydreamed for a day or two until the recipe for the frosting and a concept to cover the cake with pieces of childhood favourite choccie bars was born.


So what do you need to know about this cake? It’s a huge amount of batter and makes a 10-12 cup bundt cake, two 12x6x1 inch sponges as I’ve done here, three 2 lb loaf cakes or about 24 cupcakes. It keeps phenomenally well – hard though it is, I don’t eat it on day one any more as the moisture it gets from a day of being left, well wrapped but not filled or bestowed with any other adornment, is nothing short of chocolate heaven. This, ladies and gents, is the sticky gingerbread left to mature for a few days of the chocolate cake world. A very versatile cake that is sturdy enough to sugar paste but just as rich and decadent served merely with a shower of cocoa powder and a pot of tea or freshly brewed coffee. A shot of frangelico or Tia Maria is the after dark version some of you may prefer though ;)


So, go forth and bake, my little ones! You’ll never taste a more perfectly “plain” cake with more complexity of taste and luxuriant mouthfeel. Nor will you find a lighter yet more definitely chocolate frosting.

Get the recipes here – My Version of the Best Ever Chocolate Pound Cake and Chocolate Italian Meringue Buttercream.

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11 thoughts on “Huh, Didn’t You Already Blog This Cake?

    • Anyone could achieve this Carrie, I think the secret to “artful plonking” as I call this type of cake decoration is to resist the urge to move things and let them fall where they want to! It never looks as good if I go back and move a malteaser here, a chunk of crunchy there… :D


  1. Fantastic! That chocolate Italian meringue buttercream has me drooling. Do you think the buttercream would stand up to including a little Frangelico or Tia Maria for an adults only version?


    • Hell yeah! I’d use a tbsp at the very end of mixing, taste and adjust. I’ve mushed a pinned of raspberries into it before now and it coped extremely well with that :D


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